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I never thought I would be a blogger but I'm glad I tried it out. It took sometime to get used to it and now I can't stop. This is about the day to day excitements of being a mom, wife, daughter, friend, or just a plain woman doing her thing.

**Beware I may cuss, so if you think that I might offend you, don't read.
Thanks for reading. Have a nice day!**

August 13, 2013

Well the beach turned out to be a total failure. I spent a full week planning it out, 2 full straight days moving non-stop packing, buying, etc. Just to get out there for it to fail. I know everything can't be perfect & have everything go as you plan it, but this went to far.
We actually had enough people get out there. Amber R. & Bree, Amber M., Mercedes & Nathan. Spencer got a bunch of people from his school about 7 people. Plus Timothy & Amanda.
We got out there we got stuck in the sand. So we had to get pulled out. Then we finally got to the spot & was dark. Put up the tent, which took forever. When it was time for me to sit down for 5 minutes, I got sick & threw up. So I crashed before everyone else, didn't get to enjoy everyone's time & company.
Next morning I was among the first to wake up & suddenly I see an ominous cloud out over the water. I wake Spencer up & not 30 minutes later, rain & what felt like hail started falling. By the time we got everything packed up everyone was soaked. After packing up we left & headed to the ferry. As soon as we got to the ferry, the rain stopped.

So I had a blast this past weekend. Spent tons of money on a failure of  "1" night. According to everyone else they had a blast. So something got accompished. This was my first time camping & it was a horrible experience. I was so excited to do it, and I couldn't enjoy it. I think I over worked & stressed out too much that I made myself sick. (But last night I felt sick to my stomach again, so I'm thinking there's a bug going around.)

Well for now, I'm cooking a Shoulder Roast. BBQ/Root Beer Dry Rub Roast. So look on my food website to see the recipe & photos. 

August 8, 2013



Gavin is almost 3 months old now. And doing good. He's 13 lbs as of Monday. 
Hayden has spending time with Grandma Peggy a lot since she's moved back to Texas. He even has his own room at the house. For while anyways, since he's the Oldest Grandchild. 
He will also be starting his first year of school at the end of the month. He's excited to start Kindergarten. 

I've been doing lots of Crockpot cooking & even doing one tonight. Brown Sugar Balsamic Chicken. 

Been super busy today since 730 & tired already.  I've been packing & cleaning everything to be ready for a camping trip on the beach tomorrow night, and possibly Saturday night. About half way done. I still need to go food shopping. 
A bunch of people will be joining us as well. This will be my first camping trip ever. (Other than backyard camping lol) I'm super excited. 
It will be Spencer , Me & Hayden. Gavin will be staying with Grandma & Grandpa since he's still too young. 

June 26, 2013

Welcome Gavin!

I would like to welcome our newest addition to the family. Gavin Daniel B. Born May 21st. at 4:14am. At 7lbs  2oz.

March 15, 2013

10 Sucky Things About Being Pregnant

This post was inspired by another blogger. I just happened to make my own version of it.
Click Here to Travel to Her Blog

10 Sucky Things About Being Pregnant

1.  Sneeze & Pee I can no longer sneeze without peeing myself a little. And lately that's all I do. My nose hates me, constantly itching with a nose bleed I had a week ago. 

2. Charlie Horse? The dead-of-night surprise of sudden foot & leg cramps so painful I shoot out of bed from a deep sleep, like a murder was breaking into the house, or the house was on fire. I then stand or bounce until it goes away.  Somehow Spencer sleeps right through this crap every time. Which just makes me want to smother him with a pillow and then say, “Man, that really hurt. Sorry I woke you.”

3. Morning sickness. Thankfully I was done with as soon as the 2nd Trimester came along. I couldn't really say that it was worse or better than what I had with Hayden. Just all I know it sucked. With Hayden he didn't like KFC chicken, & Oranges which on both I channeled the exorcist & sprayed it all over the bathroom door, completely no where near the toilet. Causing it to go up & over the door, also hitting the ceiling. All I could do is sit on the floor next to the toilet, trying not to spew again while poor Spencer had to ask for help from my parents to clean up the mess that ended up staining the paint on the wall/door.
As for this little guy, he didn't want me eating anything meat. I thought I was going to turn vegetarian during the pregnancy. Thankfully he changed his mind or got over it. During Hayden's birthday party we had Burgers & Hot Dogs. I ate chips & veggies with dip. While I looked at the juicy burger grilling thinking, "Oh , I should be fine." Then reaching for the closest carrot stick.

4. Stretchy pants & big shirts. I'm very picky on the clothes I wear. I'm not going to spend $50 on one T-shirt that I'm only going to wear for a few months & pass onto the next pregnant woman I know or put it into a box in the back of the closet & forget about it, just to remember about it 10 years later. Gotta have those pants & belly bands. When you have a baby pushing down on your bladder & pelvic bone 24/7, you need that extra lift.

5. Boobs. In my case I wasn't blessed with the triple increase of size that I would have to change my whole wardrobe. Just a small 36 to 38, with the constant leaking of breast milk. If I'm not wearing a bra I can feel it running down from my boob to my knee in seconds. 

6. Cravings Surprisingly I haven't had any weird cravings with this kiddo. Just constantly hungry, Spencer may have a different look on this topic. When I was pregnant with Hayden, I had a constant craving for Mexican food & Cheese. Now with this one, the closest I came to a craving, which I managed to curve a bit with Spencer's awesome Seafood cooking skills, is the Steam pot from Joe's Crab Shack. Which I think most of the cravings went to dear ol' hubby. He claims he doesn't have sympathy cravings, but when you want BBQ 6 out of 7 days of the week, it's kinda hard to argue away from it. (Your argument is invalid, LOL)

7. Blinded by the belly The inability to see anything under my belly, most notably, my bikini line. I grab the razor, shave blindly, and bravely hope for intact private parts. Also not to mention not being able to properly put on shoes. Which I'm thankful we are getting to warmer weather where I can slip on those wonderful Flats, & Flip Flops. Those boots were getting difficult to put on I almost had to get Spencer to put them on for me.

8. Sleep deprivation A recently acquired inability to sleep through the night, which I’m sure is an indication of the future sleeping disposition of the child I’m carrying. I toss and turn all night — no easy feat with a big belly and a giant body pillow. Plus having to push over the husband who has to sense of personal space at night & thinks it is cool to roll on top of the pregnant wife who is already getting to a point of not being able to breathe.
And then there’s the handy internal hormonal alarm clock which goes off every morning around 2-4am just to tell me that I need to empty my bladder. And if I'm lucky I'll be able to go back to sleep. Just what my family and friends need — a cranky, hormonal pregnant woman who is even crankier because she can’t freaking sleep.

9. Tears It could be over nothing. I could be something I've seen 100+ times & sonme stupid reason I start tearing up. And then of course there's the shows that automatically make me tear up without being pregnant, then BAM---> Pregnant=bawling like I found the worst news in my life.

10. Well-meaning strangers This usually hits in the check-out line at the grocery store or Target, who all ask the same questions. “When are you due?” Followed by, “Is it a boy or a girl?”It's like you want to wear a sign around your neck advertising just to keep them from asking, but also thinking if you do, would that open up more questions for them to ask.

March 7, 2013

3 Hour Glucose

9:39am- The drink is down. "Double" the sugar than I had for the 1 hour. The 1 hour cut off level is 130, and I was to be the lucky one who got to go to 133. There has to be a better cut off limit because this is ridiculous, but my Dr. wanted to make sure.
They really need to come up with a better way of testing for this test. It had to be a guy that came up with shoving a pure sugary drink down a "fasting", empty stomach, pregnant woman's throat. I really hope that I don't throw this Red Sugary drink up, because I prefer not to go through this crap again. I barely made it through the 1 hour without puking, but I can tell you one thing...I am sooo not cleaning up the mess if I do throw it up, and I'll make sure to cover everything & dye it red. This tile floor they have, will be red. If I'm going to puke, I'll make sure it's all for nothing. So every time some sees the Red stain, they think of ME! Lol
So now I sit here for an hour for my second needle poke. I'm lucky enough to get 4 blood draws.

10:31- 2nd Blood draw is complete. 2 more to go. Fighting nausea like crazy right now, & it's not helping when Gavin is moving around like crazy. Too much sugar at once. I don't think I have dizziness, but I also feel like I'm I'm about to fall asleep.
I'm so ready to open up the packets of Goldfish in my purse like a crazy hyper active kid at a birthday party after cake.

On another note, I am soo glad Hayden is a good wonderful child when I bring him to Dr offices. There are two kids that here that, if I was the parent, the child needs a swift pop to the butt.

11:07- Just had a powerful Braxton Hicks contraction. All this sugar is making him way to active & putting me into uncomfortable mode. Tightening of stomach & taking my breath away. Good thing I'm at the Dr.

11:32- 3rd Blood draw done. 1 more to go. Dizziness passed, & nausea is slowly going away. Gavin still isn't happy with me. He keeps trying to give me the hint,

"Hey Mom! You need to eat something. I'm hungry. Your not paying attention."

So glad this is almost done.

11:51- Told Spencer
"All I know these goldfish in my purse are gonna go through a massacre as soon as the last needle comes out of my arm."

He doesn't believe I will. But he isn't here to see what grief I'm going though. Hell if I could record myself destroying the goldfish in a cheesy, crunchy, crumbly massacre, I would. (Just for laughs) But I doubt the cheesy goodness will have a chance for me to even reach for the record button on iPhone. If it even makes out of the building alive will be a miracle.

Not to mention little man is starting to get demanding. Swift kick, punch, & ROLL! My stomach hasn't moved this much. I think the person sitting next to me noticed it & is starting to worry if he's about to jump out & start break dancing.

12:40 And finally I am DONE! So glad!

Later- on my way down the elevator I popped open my goldfish & finished it off before my mom picked me up. We quickly ran off to Chili's couldn't pass up an appetizer too.
Now I'm laying bed resting up. Debating on taking a nap or not.
I pray never to go through the 3 hour Bs ever again. And never wish this on anyone.

Babies"R"Us - Baby Registry

Babies"R"Us - Baby Registry

March 6, 2013

Backed Out

Well never mind. The house I spoke of is no longer going to happen. Owner decided to back out of her deal because we wouldn't stop having a family dinner long enough to go help her pick up a table from nearby & take it to the house we were trying to clean out. Sorry but no. I will straight up say that's the biggest bullshit ever.
Since the rest of the street is tired of her crap, we plan on joining them for their monthly meeting downtown. After putting all our hardwork into the house & have her pull this shit. I don't think so, not going to fly with me.

So since this house is apparently not going to happen. We are still staying with my parents. I'm not too happy not having a place of our own, considering Gavin will be here in less than 14 weeks. And we are not going to fork over pet fees & rent to apartments.

March 2, 2013

House Nightmare

Okie Dokie.

We are trying to buy another house. Yeah, I know. Since Baby #2 will be here in 3 months we need the space, and since my old bedroom at my parents house won't be big enough. We also aren't going to waste money on an apartment with pet fee etc.

So the house we are trying to get is my mother-in laws old rental house. The owner is recovering from cancer so her daughter is taking over for selling it. Since my mother in law moved out 5 years ago the daughter used it as a storage facility for her "crafts". Basically a bunch if crap, furniture, etc. The yard was not taken care of. We finally got the front yard looking good & presentable. The backyard on the other hand still has lots of work left. The grass in the back was/is up to the middle of my thigh to my knee. The wooden patio is going to be needing to be redone.
Now for the inside. The kitchen is more than likely needing to be gutted & redo e, which is apparently coming out of our pocket. We already have to buy new appliances because there is no fridge, the wall stove is broken/rusted, and I figured we might as well go ahead & get a new stove top. The flooring in the house was ripped out (which was fine before the crap in house was thrown in), the wood paneling on the walls in the living room was ripped off and replaced with stucco, but the wood trim left. The bathrooms are horrible. The water was apparently still running in the house which caused mold, water funk, the pipe in the master bath tub rotted away and has to be replaced. New tubs, toilets, sinks, & counters in the bathroom has to be replaced. She said she's going to replace it, but I don't see it happening.
Basically a big cluster fuck of renovations. Good thing I don't mind DIY, because most if this will be.

Stay Tuned for more

February 11, 2013

Freezer Meals

Okay I'm going to be working on some Freezer Meals soon. Not only to help out here at my parents house but also get me started on it for when the baby comes.

Now these meals are "NOT" my own. I copied them from other sites. I do NOT take credit for any of these meals. So if you recognize any of these, do not think I'm stealing them & taking credit. Because I'm not.

Here are the ones I've got. And hopefully you can use them too. Some are ones you can throw into a crockpot, some are stove/oven.  So if they are crockpot, the best way to store it is in a freezer bag. If doing oven style, then find a foil/oven safe container to store them in.


 Teriyaki Chicken
Baby carrots
Red onion, chopped
Chicken breasts
-- Directions: Toss everything in the crock pot with water or chicken broth and cook on low for 6 hours.


Pork sirloin roast
Baby carrots
Cubed red potatoes
Frozen cut green beans
1 onion, chopped
-- Directions: Pour the contents in a crock pot and cover with beef/chicken broth. Cook on low for 8 hours.


 Beef Stew
2 pounds beef, diced
1 onion, chopped
1 bag green beans
Few stalks of celery, chopped
1 can diced tomatoes
-- Directions: Pour the contents in a crock pot and cover with beef broth. Cook on low for 8 hours.


 Beef Stir-Fry
1 pound lean beef
1 bag stir-fry veggies
1 small can water chestnuts
Stir-fry sauce
Soy sauce, to taste (can be added after cooking instead)
-- Directions: Heat a tablespoon of oil in a skillet or wok and toss in the contents of the bag. Cover with lid or foil until cooked through, stirring occasionally.


Chicken Stir-Fry
3 chicken breasts, cubed
1 bag stir-fry veggies
1 small can water chestnuts
Stir-fry sauce
Soy sauce, to taste (can be added after cooking instead)
-- Directions: Heat a tablespoon of oil in a skillet or wok and toss in the contents of the bag. Cover with lid or foil until cooked through, stirring occasionally.


Homemade Chili Mac a classic go to at my house growing up!
1 lb ground beef
1 14 oz can tomato sauce
1 can chili with beans
1 box mac and cheese

Boil macaroni noodles according to the box.  While noodles are cooking, brown hamburger meat and drain.  Mix tomato sauce and chili with meat.  Prepare mac and cheese exactly as directed on the box and mix with the meat mixture.  Cover with shredded cheddar cheese.  Cook for 30 min or until cheese is melted and bubbly on 350.

To freeze, I prepared in a foil bowl like those you get in Mexican to go from a Mexican restaurant.  I covered with the lid and covered with foil.  Will thaw in refrigerator night before cooking.


Garlic Pesto Chicken with Tomato Cream Penne

2 Boneless Chicken Breasts

8 ounces of your choice of pasta (I used whole wheat penne)
2 tablespoons of olive oil
3 cloves of garlic
2 spoonfuls of pesto
1/2 cup of chicken broth
8 ounces of tomato sauce
1 cup of half and half

350 for 50min-1 hour


 Cheesy Chicken and Broccoli Macaroni


4 chicken breast halves; no skin, no bone, cut in chunks

14 ounces chicken broth

2 cups elbow macaroni; uncooked

¾ pounds Velveeta Process Cheese Spread; cut in ½” cubes

10 ounces Frozen broccoli florets; thawed (or fresh)

350 for 1 hour


Crockpot Freezer Meals

Hawaiian ChickenSandwiches

6-8 Chicken Breasts (1 for each family member, doubled)
2 cups of chicken broth
2 small cans of pineapple rings
2 red bell peppers sliced into thin strips
1large onion sliced into strips
Provolone cheese
Whole wheat buns or lettuce wraps

Directions:  Divide all contents evenly into two bags except cheese and buns/lettuce.  Cook onlow for 8 hours.  Serve chicken toppedwith pepper and onions under melted provolone cheese on a bun or lettuce warp.

Savory Pepper Steak

3 pounds of roundsteak but into ½ inch thick strips.
½ cup flour
1 tsp of salt
1 tsp pepper
1 large onion chopped
a few garlic cloves—Ilike to put 4-5 crushed into each bag
1 green pepperssliced
1 red peper sliced
2  16oz cans of tomatoes—I prefer Italian style
2 tbsp beef bouillon
4 tsp ofWorcestershire sauce
2 tbsp of steakseasoning
2 tbsp of steak sauce

Directions:  Toss steak strips in mixture of flour, saltand pepper.  Mix together beef boullion,Worcestershire sauce, and steak sauce and divide evenly into two bags.  Add remaining ingredients.  Cook on low 8 hours.  Serve with rice and a side salad.

Scalloped Potatoes andHam

12 new potatoes and cut into ¼ inch round slices or a large bag of frozen potatoes
2 cans of cream ofyour choice—I used potato
2 cans of water
2 ham steaks, cubed--we used turkey ham
8 oz cheddar cheese
4 cups of broccoli
salt and pepper

Directions:  Divide everything evenly into two containers.  Cook on low for 8 hours.
*EDIT* People have mentioed the potatoes turing black if frozen.  Mine didn't do that, but just to be safe, either use frozen potatoes or add potatoes the day of cooking.

Salsa Chicken

6-8 chicken breasts
2   15 oz. cans of black beans
1 family size frozenbag of corn
2 cans of dicedtomatoes and green chilies
1 jar of salsa
1 packet of tacoseasoning
2 cups of cheddarcheese

Directions:  Divide everything except cheese evenly intotwo bags.  Cook on low for 8 hours.  Serve over rice or on corn tortillas withrice as a side.

Chicken Curry

6-8chicken breasts
2cans of cream of chicken soup
1cup of dry cooking sherry
½cup of butter
8green onions chopped
4tsp of curry powder
saltand pepper

Directions: Divide everything except butter into two bags evenly.  Add butter to crockpot when ready to cook.  Cook on low for 8 hours. Serve over rice with a side salad.

Grocery List

3 red bell peppers
1 green bell pepper
2 large onions
Lettuce wraps*
12 new potatoes
Bunch of green onions
18-24 chicken breasts
3 lbs round steak
2 ham steaks
1 family sized bag of corn
2 small cans of pineapple rings
2 cans of diced tomatoes
2 cans of diced tomatoes with green chilies
1 jar of salsa
2 cans of cream of your choice
2 cans of cream of chicken
2   15oz cans of blackbeans
Provolone Cheese
4 cups cheddar cheese
Whole wheat buns*
Beef bouillon
Worcestershire sauce
Steak Sauce
Steak Seasoning
Taco Seasoning
Cooking Sherry
Curry powder
Salad Supplies

*Buy only lettuce wraps or buns, based on your sandwich preferences.

January 16, 2013

No More Iguana Blog :(

Just a little note real quick.

There will be NO more Iguana Blog. An unfortunate event happened to the Iguanas early December & are no longer with us.

Hope y'all have a wonderful day & I will try to get something new & interesting here soon. 

January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!! 2013

OMGoodness. It's January! Happy New Year Everyone.

Pregnancy still going great. I am 17 weeks right now. Thanks to an ER trip (explain soon) on New Years Eve we got to see what we are having early. Unfortunately there's no picture since it wasn't done & my Dr's Office. We have the actual anatomy scan on the 17th.

But we are proud to announce that we are going to be bringing into this world another BOY! And wasn't shy about showing us either. Spencer was so happy to see the ultrasound since he missed the last two thanks to school. Got to see him moving around. We got asked by a few people if we have a name yet, and unfortunately we do not, yet. Soon tho. We are thinking. This is a hard decision to make as some of y'all know.

So as for the ER trip. As we were coming back home from MO, from seeing Spencer's Mom for Christmas. I started a UTI infection. And for those who know me, I knew the symptoms as soon as they hit me. With the 14+ hour trip home the intensity didn't hit me until night was closing in. We were 3 hours away from home & thought I was going to die. So I made Spencer get a hotel room for the night so I can have a chance to rest instead of sitting in the ER forever.....But that didn't seem to matter. We drove home on New Years Eve, the last 3 hours, and before he went home he dropped me off at the ER. After being transferred to multiple rooms, being lost for 2 hours, & finally getting me the stuff that I came there for since my Dr's were closed. I was there for 8-1/2 hours. I got to see people who were there for less serious illnesses, come in after me, & leave before me. I was getting annoyed.

We went to MO to see Spencers mom, Peggy, Randi, & Mamie. Got there Wednesday night, & left Sunday. We went Ice Skating, well Hayden, Spencer & Randi as I was pregnant. Then went to the Science Museum for a warm up. The next day we went the St. Louis Arch. And to my surprise with my fear of heights, I went to the top. I'm Alive!!! I did really well. I looked out the windows, didn't hyperventilate or anything. Now Spencer may have a few finger nail indentations in his hand from the ride to the top of the arch but I think I did really well. Lol.

For now if you want to see any recent pictures since my last blog post, you'll have to see on FB.

November 23, 2012

Black Friday

We are at my Grandparents & started joking about going Black Friday shopping. My grandpa thought I was serious & gave me Ad's from the paper. I looked through then just see what they had. Then I saw amazing deals. I started getting a little bit more serious about it. But as the night went on, I got tired & not so into it.
I figured that I wait to see what the Target looked like before I made up my mind. Since maybe being in a smaller town. Might make a difference.

Our Hotel is next to a Target. So glad I decided not to go next door to Target from the Hotel. Like I said, I thought being in a smaller town would be better. Nope! This Target at 9pm, last night had a line almost wrapping itself to the back. I thought about it & then I saw it, then decided that I can wait till Cyber Monday & stay at home. And do Black Friday next year when I have 2 kids, & will need the savings.

November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Please everyone be safe with your travels, cooking, & family events.

As for me Im making the food this year & transporting it to my grandparents. Grandma cant see anymore to cook in the kitchen. The Turkey is almost done, Green Bean Casserole prepared for morning, & Fruit Salad made. Then it's up to my dad & hubby to carve & package up the Turkey for our 2 hour trip tomorrow.

Soon I can pass out so I can wake up at 2am. Lol. In exhausted but baby won't let me sleep. Baby isn't letting me sleep as much as I want. Went to see the baby yesterday. 11 weeks. Almost done with the first trimester.

October 25, 2012

Since I've moved back home to Texas I really haven't had much time to get on here & talk, do recipes or anything. So I'm going to see about to something so you can have something to read.

Halloween is coming up & so is Hayden's birthday along with Thanksgiving. So possibly something to do with that.

So here's your chance. Tell me what your looking for. Food, funny stuff, whatever. Go!

One more thing. I'm going to be ending Baby All About It. I have accomplished my goal & I am pregnant. I'm not going to be closing it down since all of it has good info on it, but there will be no more posts on it.
Anything related to the pregnancy/baby will be posted here.
So now I end this post with a picture of the ultrasound.

October 7, 2012

Early June Baby?!?!

YES! I am pregnant! We found out on Wednesday that I'm pregnant. Don't know how far along I am but heading to the Dr. tomorrow. Hopefully find out soon. I went in Tuesday to the appt. to figure out what was going on. Like why I wasn't getting pregnant & also get my cycle going again. They had to do an Ultrasound to see if my tubes were open. We didn't see anything but the Dr. did notice that one of my Follicles were popped. But she said that doesn't mean anything, sometimes they pop & don't go anywhere. (Meaning I ovulated, the egg was released but the egg didn't travel down the tubes like it was supposed to.)
But in order to get my cycle going they went ahead & did a Pregnancy Blood Test just to make sure. Well, SURPRISE! There was in fact a baby in there. When I found out I was at the VA Hospital with Spencer getting paperwork filled out (nothing wrong) in the hallway jumping up & down. Spencer couldn't freak out as much because he was being called back to talk to people. But he's excited.

We called Peggy while still at the Hospital. She was the first to know. I told her over the phone & I made her cry. She got her wish. That night we took Mom & Dad out to eat at Olive Garden. Gave them a card that stated that they are going to be Grandparents ... AGAIN! Took them a second but they figured it out. Gave Hayden a T-Shirt that says, "Big Brother". We had to read it to him & once he heard he got super excited. He's so happy to become a big brother.

2 days ago I had my first run at morning sickness. This baby either doesn't like Whataburger Burgers or Hot Cheetos or both. But for the next 9 months I am staying far away from both just to make sure.

August 25, 2012

Birthday & Moving

Hey people I'm back. It hasn't been that long since I've been on here but enough to give you a few updates & make this post somewhat long. Let's see. I've turned 24 on the 23rd. The boys took me out to eat at Samurai Hibachi Grill, then came home & they made me a Triple Chocolate Cake. Amazing! I did do some painting but not a lot, we've got to get this house going, but relaxed the rest of the day & was a lazy bum.


I've been off & on FB, & super busy trying to get this house done so we can put it up for Rent so you know I haven't had time to get on here & update y'all. Good News on that. We finally got a Rental Agency (AAIMS) that we've already signed papers with before the repairs are finished. Now we've got to get this place picture ready (at least the front) for Show. Which we almost have done. If we can get it to stop raining long enough we can have it done before Monday. We added new mulch, I've already painted the door, I need to do some final touch ups on the side window next to the door, I'm painting the shutters around Hayden's bedroom window, & Spencer is going to paint the vents on the outside of the house. He's also trying to get some guys from work to come help us paint, so we can get this over with.
We've set it up to where this place is good to go on the 15th. Just waiting on the Insurance Co. to call us back (giving them till Monday) to see if they are going to pay for the repairs on the house. Our plan is to have this place ready for Carpet before the 13th & then we will be set to go.
So my parents are still coming up here to help us. They will be leaving Texas on the 8th & should be here on the 10th to help us with any leftover stuff that needs to happen, then on the 13th we are hitting the road. Can't wait to say GOODBYE NORTH CAROLINA!! I know that we won't be officially be done with this state since we have the house, but it is going to be nice to be living in Texas again around my family & friends.  Now if we can get someone in this house before October everything will be 'Amazing'.

So that's it for now. I'll give you more updates when I can. Other than that, check me out on FB.

August 8, 2012

Better than I have been since my last post. I still feel it there but not in pain or agony. I'm trying to hold off on getting another Dr. Appt. but with all this rain every single day is driving my sinuses crazy. I cant stand waking up everyday with a sore throat & drainage no matter how much "drainage sucking meds" I take. It's working, but not how I want it.

Just in our 5 day, makes it look like we are in Hurricane or Monsoon Weather. Crazy! I'm afraid to look at the 10 day.

For about a week Taco one of our Iguanas has had a bit of swelling on his bottom jaw. We though for a day or two that his head was going through a growth spurt & his body hasn't caught up yet. BUT... After few days it got worse.
So yesterday Spencer took Taco to the Vet. & discovered that he not only has Metabolic Bone Disease but a Parasite.Thankfully neither is contagious to humans. Just have to worry about Paco.
You can read more about Taco here.

Not really much else is going on. Busy next 2 months. Busy packing for the move, & getting stuff situated on the house for rent.

July 27, 2012


So like I said in the past. I hate NC. I know people get sick & states don't have anything to do with it, but I've had more health issues in NC than I have had in my whole life in TX. Over the weekend when I thought I was dehydrated, which might still  have been a possibility, I developed a sore throat 2 days ago.
I went to the Dr. yesterday & had a Rapid Strep test that came out negative, & a throat culture which I'm still waiting on the results from that. Should get it today but having it being Friday I may not get it till Monday. But until then the Dr. has me on Tylenol, Sudafed, Ibuprofen, & Clartin until we can find out what's up with my throat. It hurt like hell yesterday & the day before. After finally getting some sleep & the meds. getting into my system, it's very slowing starting to feel better. 

July 25, 2012

Long Post Update

So I'm sure as you fellow bloggers heard of a scandal in the nail polish world with "Sinful Colors" nail polish. We'll I know I've told you to visit sites & go places but thank goodness I've never posted something that could be stolen. I'm not much for magazines anymore anyways so how would I know. I think an apology is in order &/or credit.

I'm soooo over this ridiculous weather. July Monsoon leading into August Hurricanes. I just feel it. I can't go outside & enjoy my backyard because I mow one day, then rains 3 days in a row, grass half way back to way it was, think about mowing, something comes up, rains again, muggy, grass is back to the grassy plains state.
Plus, it's not even giving a chance for my annoying neighbors behind us to take care of their yard. Their yard is horrible. I'm not sure if I ever talked about them. But the yard is sooo bad that if my dogs get through the broken fence again, because their jungle in over growing trees, bushes, vines & causing the fence to rot away, it will be the last time they get a call to the county. It will be made to the city, & it will be a lawsuit. And if my dogs get picked up by the city, they are paying every penny to get them out, and possibly extra for the inconvenience. 

So the past 5 days I've been feeling like poo. According to Spencer last night that I'm dehydrated. In a way I see it. I'm addicted to sodas. Even though I've been drinking the Red Sea & peeing like a Race Horse. But anywho, I have decided to go caffeine/soda free & drink nothing but water for a month at the minimum. It's gonna be hard since I'm like an addicted crack whore with caffeine but maybe it will improve my body, & my fertility issue. So since we currently don't have sodas in the house I'm going to do it. :) Next week is payday so it will take all my strength not to get some. But I just need to remind myself that it's for my body, & for the hopefully future baby, & not to mention for Spencer & Hayden. We've gotta cut it down in this house. I know, I know, I've said something like this before but after the past few days will the way I've been feeling. Headaches, stomachaches, sinus issues, insomnia(it's 6:45am right now, I'm not even close to being tired & I'm never awake at this time & possibly working on 4-5 hours of sleep), earaches, throat, nose, bowel movement issues, etc. Also I know some of my friends that know me will think I'm the perfect size but I've got a little muffin top going on, & would like to get rid of it.
So along with Excedrin that I'm using for not only pain but since it has a tiny bit of caffiene I'm using it as a way of weening myself off of it, without the cold turkey effect, & according to Spencer I need to drink a quart of water per hour/2 hours until my body catches up. So WATER-HO! I'm not going anywhere today since I'm going to need to be close to the bathroom. Eeek!  Let's pee like a pregnant woman!! Lol. 

Spencer's birthday just passed. My mom & his mom sent him some Gift Cards to Khols. I thought this was a perfect idea, not only because he's picky & he hasn't bought any jeans since last year & Khols seems to be the only place he buys his clothes from but he's going to be a civilian soon & will need to stock up  his closet. I know civilian sounds weird. By the time that he gets out I will have known the Army for 5 years with 1 deployment. Holy Moly! I know for most military families that 5 years are nothing compared to what y'all have been through, & I feel your pain. But thanks to the Gift Cards we were able to get a Cash Back Coupon that I was able to use to get some awesome cute new pink sandal wedges, with 5 something dollars left on it.

So my birthday is coming up & I have no idea what I want. As in object wise. But I do want to be home with my Family & Friends. But I will put my thinking cap on, I'm sure I can come up with something. Possibly a Gift Card to Target or Khols. But who knows, I'm think I'll come up with something by next week. :D

So like I've already mentioned that I'm working little sleep & awake at this time, I've seem to write a lot on here. Can't remember the last time I've gotten on here & wrote this much. It was due time, but WOW. Lol.

July 17, 2012

English Muffin Pizzas

English Muffin Pizzas

Break open the muffin to where the inside is placed up. Next place your Pizza Sauce on top of English Muffins. Sprinkle with cheese and top with your favorite toppings(2-3 pepperonis)
Going through some sites I never knew it was so popular. 

Bake 350 for 10 Mins. Easy and quick great for those busy nights, or when your drunk & need something in your stomach. :)

July 13, 2012

My Big Girl Panties.

My mother in law asked me on one of my previous posts, where to get Big Girl Panties from. At first I told her I get them from Victoria Secret on FB, but afterwards I started thinking back to some sites I went to & talked on & thought of some big ass underwear. So I Googled & thought of this.

**Insert soo much laughter that it almost woke up Spencer**

After finding this photo I got a flash back to the crazy days with my friend Christie. I don't remember how it started but we would go shopping, looking around at the local Dollar Store. For some reason the Dollar Store sold underwear. I wouldn't come close to buying & wearing these or why they sold it there. But we would make jokes about buying the biggest size they had (which was maybe half the size of the underwear in this picture) and start throwing them at people we despised. 
Now, don't ask us why we thought of this idea, we were teenagers & did some crazy shit. And this underwear scenario is nothing.

July 10, 2012

>$5 Meals

 I was browsing the net for some awesome food, went through Pinterest tho. That site can me the death of me. LOL But here are my favorites that I found. Most of these I've already done, but some I want to try. Hope you enjoy.

Beef Stew: (throw in a crockpot...cook all day!)
1 lb on stew meat
1 package of baby carrots
 4 white or red potatoes (skin on) 1/4 of a bag
 1 medium sized onion
1 can of beef broth
spices (optional)


Spaghetti and meatballs

Grilled Cheese and tomato soup

Chicken breasts cooked in skillet with cream of mushroom soup

Sloppy Joes: Just brown 1 lb ground beef with chopped up onion. Drain. Add squirt of mustard and enough Ketchup to make the right consistency. I also add a pinch of sugar. Serve on buns.

Cheeseburgers and french fries

Grill chicken or steak marinated in homemade Teriyaki Sauce

Chicken Tenders- I dip them in milk, then in some flour seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and paprika. Pan fry them.

Breakfast for dinner: whatever I have on hand, pancakes with eggs & bacon, french toast, sausage gravy & biscuits, etc...

BBQ Chicken Sandwiches: I put a couple of chicken breasts in crock-pot with a jar of BBQ sauce, cook for 6-8 hrs on low, shred, and serve on Texas Toast or hamburger buns

One I did get from one of my friends. Supper easy, very yummy is English Muffin Pizzas

Pizza sauce on top of English Muffins, sprinkle with cheese and top with your favorite toppings(2-3 pepperonis) bake 350 about 10 mins. Easy and quick great for those busy nights, or when your drunk & need something in your stomach. :)
Going through some sites I never knew it was so popular. 

What are your $5 Meals?? I want to hear from you! (If your on my FB you can message me there if you can't post here. I'll copy & paste it for ya.)

July 9, 2012

Clean All The Things!!

So far, no major changes to the blog. Added a few items on the side bar, the intro., & removed some items. Maybe more to come later if I find anything I like, but still if you would like to see something different let me know.

We went to go see Madagascar 3 yesterday. As of right now, this movie is Hayden favorite movie. Told Spencer that when we take him to see Ice Age 4 & Spiderman the status will change.

When we got home last night Hershey's (guinea pig) cage was destroyed. He was still in there and shocked that he was. But I had to clean, re-do his cage. I don't know how it happened but we ended up cleaning the whole house. We went from the living room, to the kitchen, to Hayden's room, to the master bathroom, then ending in our bedroom. Apparently it needed to be done. I promise I do clean. But the stuff that we pulled up was bad. Finally got Spencer to go through some paper work that needed to be culled through.
Helped with my sinuses the next morning to. I remember a little over a month ago, I deep cleaned & Lysoled everything. We basically did the same thing yesterday just without the Lysol. I'm afraid I'm going to use a full can of Lysol again.

Not sure what else to talk about so when I think of something interesting I'll let you know. Until then I have Facebook & Pinterest you can Follow Me on.

Face Lift??

I'm wanting to give my blog a face lift but not sure what should be done. Soo, I ask you what would you like to see changed/done to the blog? Anything let me know! Comment in the comment box below.....

**added** -- Don't be afraid to tell me anything. I'm a big girl & take criticism & not going to get butthurt.  I wear my big girl panties. LOL

July 5, 2012

Glasstop Stove Cleaner. (pinterest)

Forget that expensive B.S.! ... By the way Pinterest is amazing.

This amaziness actually works. But before what I tell you what it's all about I want to show you what I've been using.

This stuff came with the stove. It works but not for that heavy duty stuff on gunk. So when I found this on Pinterest I had to try it. And it works. I had to do it 2 times, but only because I had A LOT of gunk stuck on there.
So Click Here for the website with Pictures.
But in case you can't view it here is how it works.

All you need is
  1. Bowl & Hot Soapy Water
  2. Baking Soda
  3. A Cleaning Rag
  4. Gloves (optional)
First, you fill a bowl with hot tap water water and mix it with some dish soap. Submerge the rag in the bowl and get it wet.
Apply baking soda in a generous amount all over the affected area.
Now pull out that hot soapy rag out of the bowl and squeeze half the water out. You want it to be soggy, not sopping.
Then wait about 15 minutes…
Then swirl the rag around in circles, using the baking soda paste as a gentle scrub.
Then dry up the surface and shine it up with windex. Good as new!!
I repeated these steps 1 time to achieve these results. You may also leave the rag on for longer, depending on how bad it is.


Happy 4th

Hope everyone had a safe & enjoyable 4th of July. We had a blast.
First we attempted to go on Bragg since they were having some country singers & doing some Vendors/Kiddie Stuff. But around 5pm it started to rain it was over quick but we had already left & at home.

So we watched a movie, Hayden took a nap & Spencer cooked some Sausages & Beans.
Around 8pm we decided to try our luck at Hope Mills Park near/closer to us. Much better than the last time we went there. (Not last year but the year before) Hayden was in Aw.
Then came home. We had a box left over the past Holidays of Fireworks so we tried to use as much as possible since we are moving in a few months & I don't think traveling with explosives is a good idea. So we went to our street a lit stuff on fire. Hayden loved it, Rebecca wanted to eat it, Julie hid in the garage. Lol. This year we were out done by the neighbors. Sucked a bit but still put on a good show. After all that we are left with Sparklers, & those things you throw at people's feet. Lol. Forgot the name.

July 1, 2012

Save some $$$!

Want to go shopping online for kids clothes but don't want to spend a leg on it. Check out
I just browsed it for a few seconds & I already want to go shopping. But seriously, it's like shopping in a resale store. I haven't gotten anything from there yet, but plan on it. Especially the next time I want to go shopping.

Omelet in a Bag

So last night I tried something from Pinterest. Omelet In A Bag, the instructions are pretty straight forward but the taste of the food wasn't that great. It was okay for that one time trying it, but I don't see myself eating it again.
Even Spencer was skeptical about it when I was making it & he even said it wasn't that good. Which is a shame because I was excited about the reviews I've seen about it. But I guess if you like poached eggs then this would probably be for you.

June 29, 2012

Crockpot Chicken & Dumplings (Lazy Way)

1 Tablespoon Butter
1 Can of Condensed Cream of Chicken Soup
1 package/can of Refrigerated Biscuit Dough (I didn't have Biscuit but have Crescent)
1 Can of Mixed Veggies (drained)-- (Didn't have Mixed Veggies but had different can's I'll explain later)
1 tsp of Cumin (used Tony's)
Sprinkle of Cayenne Pepper (used Tony's)
1/2 tsp of Pepper
Pinch of Salt
1/2 tsp of Onion Powder
1-1/2 cup of Chicken Stock

Here is everything but the Butter. 

Now what your going to do it put everything in your Crockpot except your Biscuits/Cresents.

Now if your like me & only have multiple can's of veggies but no "mixed veggies", watch this! 
I threw 1 Can of Whole Kernel Corn, 1 Can of Sliced Carrots, & 1 Can of Green Beans into a bowl. Stirred & plopped 3-4 scoops of it into the crockpot. You can always add more if your into the veggie thing.

Next I threw in the Stock. The reciepe asked for a cup but with my crockpot I add a half cup more because it just looked really low with all the ingredients in it.

Finally I added everything else, and put the chicken in last. So it can soak everything from the bottom. I squished it down a bit just for it to settle.

Now your going to Cover & Cook on Low for 5-6 hours.

About 2 hours before serving tear up the biscuit/crescent dough & place it in there. Make sure your "dumplings are cooked all the way through.

And stir, & Enjoy!!

June 28, 2012

Stay Tuned!

Another yummy goodness is coming. Crockpot Chicken & Dumplings. I found this baby off of Pinterest last night & I was already thawing out some Chicken so this was perfect. I rushed into the kitchen to check to see if I had all the ingredients. When I came back to the bedroom Spencer looked at me weird, apparently he's never seen a woman run to the kitchen that fast to cook. LOL.

So in a few hours, I'll be plopping those lovely chickens in the pot. It's so easy I may not have to do a step-by-step but I will include pictures of what I'm using tho.